Artist’s Statement

When I am walking down the street, I can see spectacular sequences in front of me. Someone talks on a phone, someone jogs with a dog, and someone chats with his or her friends. Maybe other people might disagree with me, but it looks like a dance performance to me. It doesn’t have to be fancy or spectacular.

Life looks like dance, and I highlight that when I choreograph.

My philosophy is to treat the human body like water, bending and banking through movement shapes and dynamics through internal space and time. I recognize the power of “ Chi” in the human form, and I oscillate its energy.

On the technical side, my choreography based on the strong ballet technique which is Western dance, and I combine ballet with new thinking about the Eastern dance which creates flowing movement and soulful. I intersect Eastern and Western movement philosophies in dancers’ bodies. My choreography awakens the audience’s emotion with soulful, technical, and visual aspects because I treat the stage as a canvas. Dancers’ body draws pictures, and visualizes the music on the canvas.

When I create my piece, I always pursue several principles to guide me. They include: Humanity, Gravity, and interaction of body, Lingering energy, Meaningful, Musicality.